Day 11. Be careful what you wish for!

yes… guess what i got. yesss on my birthday… yess food poisoning. and yessss I do regret wishing for it.

1. it was painful.
2. it broke me off paleo

now i have lost my momentum and I’m fighting to chase the wagon down and get back on it. It’s not over. Tomorrow we get back on that wagon. I have a game plan and I will implement.

good news: went to crossfit today. bad news: dry heaved a little. probably because I haven’t eaten in the last 2 days and the only other thing I had before the work out was Taco Bell. I know. I know. You don’t have to scold me.

Not all is lost! One thing I have learned recently is to not make excuses. I may have stumbled but I don’t have to wait until Monday, which always seems to be the magical day to start changes, diets, resolutions… I shall start right now! … by going to be early!

🙂 Good night~


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