Day 7. What have i done

Today marks the 7th day of my 60 day challenge. 1 week down. 7 more to do.

This weekend, however, will probably be the hardest. I have already stumbled once. not going to lie, I’m a little ashamed.

Last night my bf decided that he wanted to go to a local seafood buffet.Sure why not?  I have been so good and so strong since day 1 that I’m sure I can find something paleo to eat there. I mean … its a SEAFOOD buffet. I can eat seafood~! We walk into the restaurant and get seated.Got our drink orders taken. We look at each other… and up we go. As any experienced buffet eaters (if you did not know, I am a pro buffet eater) I first walk all of the stations scoping out what is available. In my head i’m doing checks. Not paleo. Not paleo, paleo. Not paleo. Not paleo. Not paleo. ehhhhh… kinda paleo. Not paleo. Not paleo…. OH SHIT. . this may be harder than you thought. Quickly! Get a plate and load it up with salad! I grab a plate. Salad. paleo. Hard boiled egg from salad bar. Paleo. cocktail shrimp. Paleo. Sashimi! Definitely paleo.  I grab half a plate full of sashimi and head back to my table. Of course my bf gets back right about the same time. And oh man does he have some yummy food on his plate. I polish off my plate of food and of course  go back for seconds.

This is where the epic internal battle begins. You have been so good. Don’t fail. But…. I have been so good…I should be able to have a little. NO! DO NOT GIVE IN. But I can’t have any of the good stuff here… YOU DONT NEED IT. But I kinda want it… plus its my Birthday weekend! Yes ladies and gentlemen, it is my birthday weekend. FINE we compromise. You can’t get anything with cheese or something that is all grain. DONE. And that’s where I slipped. Although I did not eat any of the rice, noodles, pastas, or anything else with cheese.. I still failed.

The worst part? The food wasn’t even that good. I succumbed into temptation for shitty food. God do I feel stupid. PLUS i’m sure the quality of the food was terrible. I mean I had a headache, my stomach was upset, and I was emotionally traumatized.  urg. so disgusted with my self. GOD I hope I get food poisoning or diarrhea. I mean who does that… who wants food poisoning or diarrhea. I do. I want that crap out! I’m having a juice for breakfast. And that is what I did. I made myself a huge glass of juice this morning.  The good food and the bad food are waging a war in my stomach right now.

time to get dressed for crossfit.


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