Day 3. Success!… perhaps

This morning I struggled to wake up. And when I finally dragged my dead corpse out of bed, I had a raging headache. Feeling that it was already going to be a shitty day, I decided to step on the scale. I mean.. really.. how bad can it be? But, it was actually my first ray of sunshine today. 174.6! BOO YEAH!  Lost 3 pounds. Okay okay, don’t get too excited… maybe there is a pair of dirty panties underneath the scale giving you a little boost. Checked underneath the scale. No pantie. Score! Okay … one more weigh-in just to be doubly sure. 174.6 YUP. Lost 3 pounds. SUCCESS! For now.

My first thought….it can’t possibly be the paleo already.. it’s only been 2 days. Either way, I am motivated. But I know me… once I see the weight start coming off, I start making excuses in my head. Oh but you lost 3 pounds! You can totally get away with this amazing fish taco… and yes of course you deserve the mexican rice and beans and chips and soda. I refuse to play that game with myself. I SHALL NOT BACK DOWN. I will NOT reward myself with food. Food is not a reward! If I need a reward, I can go spend the $20 I would have spent at dinner on a pair of new work out pants. That way I can attempt to look cute while grunting, panting, and sweating during crossfit.

Speaking of which… I made it to crossfit today. Heck yea!  Pat on the back for me. After a physically demanding 10 hour day at work and adjusting to paleo, I still made it to the 6:30 class. It wasn’t pretty.. but I was there and I pushed hard. My trainer said to us tonight “today is a special day… well we all know. let’s not talk about it. But during your work out tonight, I want you to think about it. Tonight, it’s not about you, It’s about someone else. Think about someone else, give it your all, push hard, and don’t stop.”

You bet your ass I pushed.

My paleo invention tonight:
cubed cucumber
diced tomatoes
diced onions
Mrs Dash.




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