Day 2. ehhhhh

I work at a science center. Not going to lie, it’s pretty awesome. Not to mention anyone under the age of 10 usually thinks I am the most awesome person when they find out. Which is important… but not the point. The point is, one of the reasons I love my job so much is because of the variety of things I get to do.

Today, I got to step out of my manager shoes and lead the load in of an exhibit! Which was awesome.. other than the fact that I literally started my… lady time… RIGHT when we started doing the hard work. and OF COURSE it had to be on the second day I decide to make a diet change. Ladies.. you know how miserable that feels.. when you have spent the last 25 years of your life telling yourself that this is the one time every 28 days where you can eat what ever you want. Guilt free. I mean for god sakes… i’m BLEEDING.. FROM MY VA JAY JAY. DO NOT TELL ME I CAN NOT HAVE THAT BURGER AND FRIES AND SUNDAY AFTER. sorry for the gross visuals gentlemen. But if you have ever spent more than 10 minutes with a lady during her lady time… you know you are not to stand between her and her food. Unless you want to lose a body part that you most likely will need in the future.

You might think this is leading to a confession about how I stuffed my face with all the grains and dairy I can find. Actually I did quite well. However I did go to the store right after work and picked up giant 1.3 pound rib eye. And yes, I managed to shoved the entire piece of cow into my mouth. Can I even do that? There is suppose to be no over eating in Paleo.. but it sure feels like there is.

eh.. at least I have stuck to the rules. Tomorrow is a new day and there shall be no face stuffing!! No matter how healthy the food is.

And of course my bf is in the kitchen making what smells like most amazing re fried beans in the world. That jerk.

Storm Trooper Miss Rosie hard at work!


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