Day 1. Are we there yet?

its 8pm and i have been eating paleo all day and i feel like….shit. So i figure i would write a little to take my mind of it.

To kick off the Paleo challenge, my Crossfit gym arranged for a hydrostatic body composition analysis.. .also known as a dunk. The dunk apparently is the most accurate way to measure your lean body mass, fat body mass. and after 60 days of paleo… we dunk again to see the results.

i will also admit that i took a “before photo” of myself.. and hopefully after 60 days…  i will be one of those amazing “before and after photo” people. oh how i desperately want to be a Before and After photo person. and i will tell you this.. HOLY SHIT.. i do not look okay. i think my mind as adjusted to trick me into thinking that i am not as fat i really am in order to prevent itself from going into a downward spiral of depression and self loathing.

and no…. i will not share my “Before Photo”… well not yet at least. not until i see some results. But here is a photo of my first paleo meal!  YUM

actually i ate the same thing all day. i grilled a ton of chicken last night. best idea. takes all the thinking out of it. although the chicken is not organic, ive been told that eating true paleo is pretty much impossible unless you own your own farm. curious about what palo is? check out Robb Wolf’s website or check out this blog that i found.. Nerd Fitness does a great job of giving you the general idea.

i was so motivated today.. i even juiced!

Veggies on death row. It’s juicing time.

one of my trainers told me today that i was going to feel terrible for the first few days. my body is technically detoxing. could take up to a month.. depending on how bad my diet was before. WELLLLLL shit.. i wish i knew that before i started. although it is hot right now in sunny California, i am definitely sweating more than normal, i have a numb and throbbing head ache, and my body is feeling sore. for no good reason. detox? perhaps. definitely possible. either way, i am definitely jonesing for a double double from in n Out with their perfect fries and a cooling…. refreshing… dr. pepper. just say no. just say no. just say no. 

i should go eat more chicken before i break down

last thing. my results

height: 68 inches
weight: 177
fat body mass: 47.5 pounds
lean body mass: 129.5 pounds
body fat percentage: 26.8
lean body mass percentage: 73.2

goal weight: 155
goal body fat percentage: 16.8 (according to my little print out, ideal for women is 22. eh. why not shoot for the stars)


2 thoughts on “Day 1. Are we there yet?

    • LOL! Right?? How’s your first days going? I am definitely over eating… probably over compensating for something. hopefully my body will stop mourning for the loss of grains soon.

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