Step 1. Decide to make a change.

Tomorrow, I will officially start my journey to fitness ( for the 1,7692th time)  BUT it’s okay, it just means I have not yet given up.

I’m 27, 5’8″ and 177#… well although I know that I am not GIANT… I have been very unhappy with my weight for a very long time. And no one has called me fat.. except my traditional chinese parents.. god bless their overbearing, super critical, and old school asian hearts. And thank goodness i’m so tall and i have learned to shop for me..not for fashion. Yes, i know i dont look that terrible.. but when i am in my birthday suit… it gets sketchy.

I joined a Crossfit gym 2 months ago and they are doing a 60 paleo diet challenge. Let’s call it a paleo lifestyle challenge. I hate the word diet.. it has so many negative connotations to it, i always feel like i am depriving myself of something and that “diet” means short term. lifestyle.. is for life, a choice, a change for the better.

So, starting tomorrow, i will be eating paleo, doing crossfit, and taking my first steps towards not only fitness, but looking good, feeling good, and finally loving my body and being proud of how i look. and THAT ladies and gentlemen… is the most important thing. \

stick with me as i try to figure out what the fuck paleo is… and how i am even going to do it for every single meal for 60 days.


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