Day 11. Be careful what you wish for!

yes… guess what i got. yesss on my birthday… yess food poisoning. and yessss I do regret wishing for it.

1. it was painful.
2. it broke me off paleo

now i have lost my momentum and I’m fighting to chase the wagon down and get back on it. It’s not over. Tomorrow we get back on that wagon. I have a game plan and I will implement.

good news: went to crossfit today. bad news: dry heaved a little. probably because I haven’t eaten in the last 2 days and the only other thing I had before the work out was Taco Bell. I know. I know. You don’t have to scold me.

Not all is lost! One thing I have learned recently is to not make excuses. I may have stumbled but I don’t have to wait until Monday, which always seems to be the magical day to start changes, diets, resolutions… I shall start right now! … by going to be early!

🙂 Good night~


Day 7. What have i done

Today marks the 7th day of my 60 day challenge. 1 week down. 7 more to do.

This weekend, however, will probably be the hardest. I have already stumbled once. not going to lie, I’m a little ashamed.

Last night my bf decided that he wanted to go to a local seafood buffet.Sure why not?  I have been so good and so strong since day 1 that I’m sure I can find something paleo to eat there. I mean … its a SEAFOOD buffet. I can eat seafood~! We walk into the restaurant and get seated.Got our drink orders taken. We look at each other… and up we go. As any experienced buffet eaters (if you did not know, I am a pro buffet eater) I first walk all of the stations scoping out what is available. In my head i’m doing checks. Not paleo. Not paleo, paleo. Not paleo. Not paleo. Not paleo. ehhhhh… kinda paleo. Not paleo. Not paleo…. OH SHIT. . this may be harder than you thought. Quickly! Get a plate and load it up with salad! I grab a plate. Salad. paleo. Hard boiled egg from salad bar. Paleo. cocktail shrimp. Paleo. Sashimi! Definitely paleo.  I grab half a plate full of sashimi and head back to my table. Of course my bf gets back right about the same time. And oh man does he have some yummy food on his plate. I polish off my plate of food and of course  go back for seconds.

This is where the epic internal battle begins. You have been so good. Don’t fail. But…. I have been so good…I should be able to have a little. NO! DO NOT GIVE IN. But I can’t have any of the good stuff here… YOU DONT NEED IT. But I kinda want it… plus its my Birthday weekend! Yes ladies and gentlemen, it is my birthday weekend. FINE we compromise. You can’t get anything with cheese or something that is all grain. DONE. And that’s where I slipped. Although I did not eat any of the rice, noodles, pastas, or anything else with cheese.. I still failed.

The worst part? The food wasn’t even that good. I succumbed into temptation for shitty food. God do I feel stupid. PLUS i’m sure the quality of the food was terrible. I mean I had a headache, my stomach was upset, and I was emotionally traumatized.  urg. so disgusted with my self. GOD I hope I get food poisoning or diarrhea. I mean who does that… who wants food poisoning or diarrhea. I do. I want that crap out! I’m having a juice for breakfast. And that is what I did. I made myself a huge glass of juice this morning.  The good food and the bad food are waging a war in my stomach right now.

time to get dressed for crossfit.

Day 3. Success!… perhaps

This morning I struggled to wake up. And when I finally dragged my dead corpse out of bed, I had a raging headache. Feeling that it was already going to be a shitty day, I decided to step on the scale. I mean.. really.. how bad can it be? But, it was actually my first ray of sunshine today. 174.6! BOO YEAH!  Lost 3 pounds. Okay okay, don’t get too excited… maybe there is a pair of dirty panties underneath the scale giving you a little boost. Checked underneath the scale. No pantie. Score! Okay … one more weigh-in just to be doubly sure. 174.6 YUP. Lost 3 pounds. SUCCESS! For now.

My first thought….it can’t possibly be the paleo already.. it’s only been 2 days. Either way, I am motivated. But I know me… once I see the weight start coming off, I start making excuses in my head. Oh but you lost 3 pounds! You can totally get away with this amazing fish taco… and yes of course you deserve the mexican rice and beans and chips and soda. I refuse to play that game with myself. I SHALL NOT BACK DOWN. I will NOT reward myself with food. Food is not a reward! If I need a reward, I can go spend the $20 I would have spent at dinner on a pair of new work out pants. That way I can attempt to look cute while grunting, panting, and sweating during crossfit.

Speaking of which… I made it to crossfit today. Heck yea!  Pat on the back for me. After a physically demanding 10 hour day at work and adjusting to paleo, I still made it to the 6:30 class. It wasn’t pretty.. but I was there and I pushed hard. My trainer said to us tonight “today is a special day… well we all know. let’s not talk about it. But during your work out tonight, I want you to think about it. Tonight, it’s not about you, It’s about someone else. Think about someone else, give it your all, push hard, and don’t stop.”

You bet your ass I pushed.

My paleo invention tonight:
cubed cucumber
diced tomatoes
diced onions
Mrs Dash.



Day 2. ehhhhh

I work at a science center. Not going to lie, it’s pretty awesome. Not to mention anyone under the age of 10 usually thinks I am the most awesome person when they find out. Which is important… but not the point. The point is, one of the reasons I love my job so much is because of the variety of things I get to do.

Today, I got to step out of my manager shoes and lead the load in of an exhibit! Which was awesome.. other than the fact that I literally started my… lady time… RIGHT when we started doing the hard work. and OF COURSE it had to be on the second day I decide to make a diet change. Ladies.. you know how miserable that feels.. when you have spent the last 25 years of your life telling yourself that this is the one time every 28 days where you can eat what ever you want. Guilt free. I mean for god sakes… i’m BLEEDING.. FROM MY VA JAY JAY. DO NOT TELL ME I CAN NOT HAVE THAT BURGER AND FRIES AND SUNDAY AFTER. sorry for the gross visuals gentlemen. But if you have ever spent more than 10 minutes with a lady during her lady time… you know you are not to stand between her and her food. Unless you want to lose a body part that you most likely will need in the future.

You might think this is leading to a confession about how I stuffed my face with all the grains and dairy I can find. Actually I did quite well. However I did go to the store right after work and picked up giant 1.3 pound rib eye. And yes, I managed to shoved the entire piece of cow into my mouth. Can I even do that? There is suppose to be no over eating in Paleo.. but it sure feels like there is.

eh.. at least I have stuck to the rules. Tomorrow is a new day and there shall be no face stuffing!! No matter how healthy the food is.

And of course my bf is in the kitchen making what smells like most amazing re fried beans in the world. That jerk.

Storm Trooper Miss Rosie hard at work!

Day 1. Are we there yet?

its 8pm and i have been eating paleo all day and i feel like….shit. So i figure i would write a little to take my mind of it.

To kick off the Paleo challenge, my Crossfit gym arranged for a hydrostatic body composition analysis.. .also known as a dunk. The dunk apparently is the most accurate way to measure your lean body mass, fat body mass. and after 60 days of paleo… we dunk again to see the results.

i will also admit that i took a “before photo” of myself.. and hopefully after 60 days…  i will be one of those amazing “before and after photo” people. oh how i desperately want to be a Before and After photo person. and i will tell you this.. HOLY SHIT.. i do not look okay. i think my mind as adjusted to trick me into thinking that i am not as fat i really am in order to prevent itself from going into a downward spiral of depression and self loathing.

and no…. i will not share my “Before Photo”… well not yet at least. not until i see some results. But here is a photo of my first paleo meal!  YUM

actually i ate the same thing all day. i grilled a ton of chicken last night. best idea. takes all the thinking out of it. although the chicken is not organic, ive been told that eating true paleo is pretty much impossible unless you own your own farm. curious about what palo is? check out Robb Wolf’s website or check out this blog that i found.. Nerd Fitness does a great job of giving you the general idea.

i was so motivated today.. i even juiced!

Veggies on death row. It’s juicing time.

one of my trainers told me today that i was going to feel terrible for the first few days. my body is technically detoxing. could take up to a month.. depending on how bad my diet was before. WELLLLLL shit.. i wish i knew that before i started. although it is hot right now in sunny California, i am definitely sweating more than normal, i have a numb and throbbing head ache, and my body is feeling sore. for no good reason. detox? perhaps. definitely possible. either way, i am definitely jonesing for a double double from in n Out with their perfect fries and a cooling…. refreshing… dr. pepper. just say no. just say no. just say no. 

i should go eat more chicken before i break down

last thing. my results

height: 68 inches
weight: 177
fat body mass: 47.5 pounds
lean body mass: 129.5 pounds
body fat percentage: 26.8
lean body mass percentage: 73.2

goal weight: 155
goal body fat percentage: 16.8 (according to my little print out, ideal for women is 22. eh. why not shoot for the stars)

Step 1. Decide to make a change.

Tomorrow, I will officially start my journey to fitness ( for the 1,7692th time)  BUT it’s okay, it just means I have not yet given up.

I’m 27, 5’8″ and 177#… well although I know that I am not GIANT… I have been very unhappy with my weight for a very long time. And no one has called me fat.. except my traditional chinese parents.. god bless their overbearing, super critical, and old school asian hearts. And thank goodness i’m so tall and i have learned to shop for me..not for fashion. Yes, i know i dont look that terrible.. but when i am in my birthday suit… it gets sketchy.

I joined a Crossfit gym 2 months ago and they are doing a 60 paleo diet challenge. Let’s call it a paleo lifestyle challenge. I hate the word diet.. it has so many negative connotations to it, i always feel like i am depriving myself of something and that “diet” means short term. lifestyle.. is for life, a choice, a change for the better.

So, starting tomorrow, i will be eating paleo, doing crossfit, and taking my first steps towards not only fitness, but looking good, feeling good, and finally loving my body and being proud of how i look. and THAT ladies and gentlemen… is the most important thing. \

stick with me as i try to figure out what the fuck paleo is… and how i am even going to do it for every single meal for 60 days.